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February Late Start

Wednesday, February 14th is a late start. Bus transportation will be 90 minutes later and school will begin at 9:15AM. Students will not be allowed early in the building.

King & Queen of Hearts Dance

February 14th from 2-4PM, join us for the Valentine's Dance. Entry is $5 or $4 with Panther PRIDE Membership.


8th Grade Transition Meetings

Every 8th grader and their parent/guardian is mandated to have an 8th grade Transition Meeting. These meetings will be conducted from Feb 26th through March 9th. Evening times are available. Click the link below to schedule your meeting today.

Mid-Winter Break

No School Monday, February 19th through Friday, February 23rd. Enjoy!

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Attendance Policy


Attendance is related directly to grades. Students who attend school have better grades than students with numerous absences. We hold high expectations for students’ attendance at Pau-Wa-Lu and carefully monitor student absences. Your regular attendance, as well as your achievement, is an important factor in determining the successful completion of a school year.  The State Legislature has passed strict laws regulating school attendance.  Tardies are also considered a serious offense.  Parents can be held responsible for students who are classified as habitual truants.  Parents can also be required to attend an attendance hearing and be fined for not taking the responsibility for getting their child or children to school regularly and on time. To emphasize the importance of regular attendance, the following administrative guidelines will be in effect.
  1. All absences, whether truancy, illness, or by parent request, will be recorded by the teacher and attendance officer.

  2. Absences for school-sponsored, approved, or related activities will not count against your attendance record.

  3. All work missed for absences because of school-sponsored, approved, or related activities must be made up.

  4. Parents will be notified in writing two times, once when you have accumulated ten (10) absences, the second when you have accumulated eighteen (18) absences. The eighteen-day letter, which means that the student has missed one ninth of the school year, informs parents that they must attend a conference regarding promotion because of excessive absences.

  5. Parents may be asked to have their doctor verify in writing the cause for excessive absences, as students are not expected to come to school when they are ill.
Absences are excused if they are a result of:
  1. Illness
  2. Death in the immediately family
  3. Emergency medical or dental attention
  4. Absences approved in advance by the principal or vice principal.
While absences may be preapproved and considered “excused”, they still count against the required number of days a student must attend school by law.  A note or a telephone call from your parent must verify absences.


Absences are not excused if they are a result of:
  1. Truancy
  2. Suspension
  3. Missing the bus
  4. Cutting a class in order to make up work in another class
  5. Working/Babysitting/Shopping 
  6. Expected absences, which are not pre-arranged and approved for the date of the absence.
Absences not verified by a note or phone call from the parent must be confirmed with the attendance secretary no later than three days after the student returns to school. Students will be marked as truant when such notification is not provided. Unexcused absences can result in disciplinary action.


Students who are absent 10 or more days per semester (excused or unexcused) will be required to file an attendance appeal or receive no credit for the semester.  A student is only allowed to appeal 10 total days per year and the final appeal decision is made by the site administration.


Parents are required to sign you out for an early dismissal. You are not allowed to leave school with another party unless your parent has made prior arrangements with the office.  If a person shows up at the office without the parent’s note of approval and that person is not listed on the emergency form as a responsible party, the school will not allow you to leave with that person.  This policy is enforced to ensure your safety.

In order to prevent classroom interruptions, you are required to be inside the classroom before the tardy bell rings. Teachers may exceed this standard but this is the minimum expectation school-wide.  If you come in late to school, you are to have an admittance pass that has been given to you by the attendance secretary.  Your teachers are asked not
to admit you without an office admittance pass.  All tardies are unexcused unless the reason is acceptable to the teacher.  The following applies to unexcused tardies:

1st Tardy:      Warning
2nd Tardy:      Teacher administered consequence
3rd Tardy:      Recommended teacher phone contact with parent

Upon the 4th tardy in the same class, the teacher will assign lunch detention. An additional day of detention will be assigned for each subsequent tardy to the same class.

--Board Policy 504 - Attendance
--Administrative Regulation 504 - Attendance


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