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Late Start

December 13th is the next late start. School starts at 9:15. Busses will pick students up 90 minutes later than scheduled time.


Present your Panther/Cub sticker on Friday, December 15th before school in front of the office and get a cup of hot chocolate!


Winter Music Concert

Band and Choir will perform on Thursday, December 20th. Concert begins at 6PM and doors open at 5:30PM.


Winter Break

Winter break will be December 23 through January 8th. 1st Semester completed. Report cards will be mailed after break.

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Truancy Policy


Truancies are unexcused absenses for all or part of a school day. Because students are required by law to attend all classes to which they have been assigned, unexcused or unauthorized absences from school, individual classes, before or after school assignments such as detention or classroom make-up, are considered truancies. It is illegal to be truant in Nevada (NRS 392.210). In addition, students who have 3 or more truancies are considered habitual truants (NRS 392.140 [1]. The following Truancy Review Board process of notification, consultation and consequences is designed to curtail truancy.

1st Truancy:
Student will have a conference with the site administrator, counselor, or attendance secretary.

2nd Truancy:
Student will have a conference with the site administrator, counselor, or attendance secretary. Disciplinary action is possible.

3rd Truancy:
Student will be considered "Habitual Truant" per NRS 392.140. Student will receive in-school suspension, and parents will be notified by certified mail of the truancy and provided a copy of the policy with notice that the next truancy will require their attendance at a truancy review hearing.

4th Truancy:
Upon the 4th truancy, parents will be notified through the Douglas County School District's Attendance officer by certified mail of the time and place of their Truancy Review Hearing. The Truancy Review Board will have the latitude to:
--Develop a performance contract
--Recommend a $100 fine
--Recommend suspension of the student's driver's license for 30 days
--Recommend probation


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