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Coaching Staff
Steve Deaton
Lead Coach
News & Announcements
Practice Everyday after school at 2:30. Bus transportation (Rte 2) to CVMS will be provided. Parents will need to transport home.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Under no circumstances will parents be allowed to have their student(s) transported by another parent at the completion of an activity held off the Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School campus. If parents are going to transport their own student(s) from an away activity, they must complete a DCSD Transportation Release Form and give it to the coach/chaperone.

At the completion of an activity held on the Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School campus, parents do not need to sign their students out, nor are they restricted as to who the student can leave with. Wrestling practice will be held at Carson Valley Middle School. Students will take the bus after school to CVMS, but will be responsible for their own ride home.