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After School

There will be no tutoring or clubs this schoolyear due to covid

tutoring available (not this year)

Tutoring is every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:10 - 2:50.

Bus transportation is provided with a valid bus pass from the teacher whose class they were in.  Students may attend any class they need help with.

Tutoring ends May 29th.


Before Athletic Events: if you or your child stays for an athletic event they will need to attend tutoring prior to the event. We do not want unsupervised students on campus prior to a 3:00Ppm game. This is a great opportunity for them to stay on campus and complete homework, make-up missing assignments, or read in a tutoring session from 2:15PM-2:50PM. Thanks for your cooperation.


ADDITIONALLY, if a student stays at school for an after-school event they must be at that event. Students are not allowed to be in other parts of the school after-school, unsupervised.