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Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School

Douglas County School District - Nevada

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    Dress Code

    As the weather gets warmer we would like to remind students and parents of our dress code. 

    PLEASE READ...................

    ** NO holes in jeans above the knee ** EVEN WITH LEGGINGS UNDERNEATH 

    No spaghetti straps

    Shorts must be the length of arms and fingertips extended

    No bare midriff - shirt must hit waist when arms are extended up

    No sagging pants

    No inappropriate wording on shirts

    View the PWL Student Handbook for the complete dress code.

    Students who violate the dress code will receive the following consequences: 

    1st Warning - Student will have to change clothes and call their parent.

    2nd Warning - Student will have to change clothes and they will receive lunch detention.  Parent will have to come pick up the offending item of clothing.

    3rd Warning - Student will have to change clothes and they will receive lunch detention.  That offending item of clothing will be kept until the end of the year.Dress Code


    Daily covid Screening

    PARENTS:  Please review the attached documents prior to sending your children to school.

    School Social Worker

    Support is available for you and your families. You can make a free appointment with the mental health professional/ social worker if you are searching for:

    Referrals for basic needs/community mental health support,

    Coping skills/ritual

    Family conflict resolution 

    Mental health support


    Appointments must be made with at least 24 hours advance notice. Once you book your appointment, the mental health professional will contact you with a link to google meet or a phone number, and confirm your appointment. 


    Shawna Pisciotti, LSW,   CSW-Intern 


    SUICIDE HOTLINE                        1-800-273-8255


    SAFE VOICE 833-216-7233

    MOBILE CRISIS 775-688-1670


    PWL on Facebook

    Join us on Facebook!  Click on the button below to see what's happening.

    Safe Voice

    In partnership with the Nevada Department of Public Safety, the SafeVoice program provides students a safe place to submit tips concerning their own safety or that of others. A fully trained professional team of experts responds in an appropriate manner 24/7/365. Tips always stay anonymous.

     Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School

    Home of the PANTHERS
    Pau-Wa-Lu Celebrates 25 Years!
    educating 6th - 8th Grade

    REGULAR School Hours are 7:40am - 2:11pm   

    EARLY OUT School Hours are 7:40am - 12:41pm

    OFFICE HOURS are 7:00am - 3:30pm

    Student Enrollment is online.  Click HERE to enroll your student.

    Week of May 3 - 7

    This week is Teacher Appreciation Week - Tell you teachers how much you appreciate them!

    MONDAY, 5/3

    • Regular Day, 1-6
    • Track @ 2:15

    TUESDAY, 5/4

    • 90 Minute Advisory - SBAC Testing
    • Track @ 2:15

    WEDNESDAY, 5/5

    • 90 Minute Advisory - SBAC Testing
    • Track @ 2:15

    THURSDAY, 5/6

    • 90 Minute Advisory - SBAC Testing
    • Track Meet @ PWL, 3:00

    FRIDAY, 5/7

    • 90 Minute Advisory - SBAC Testing
    • Track @ 2:15

    Track will start Monday, April 26th from 2:15- 4:00 pm Monday - Friday. Students need to be registered through Register My Athlete to participate.Track

    Family Life

    Parents/Guardians of Middle Schoolers,

    In the state of Nevada, teachers of 6th-8th graders must cover the Nevada Academic Content Standards for Health Education that includes responsible decision making, respect for self and others, promote positive self-concept, and develop accurate knowledge of human anatomy and the reproductive systems. Please watch the following video to preview more information as to what is covered in students' Family Life Sex Education lessons.  For a preview click on the link below:

    Family Life Preview Video

    Yearbooks on Sale !!!!



    Don't miss out on purchasing a school yearbook!  Purchase a yearbook online by going to yearbookforever.  The current price is $30.  Prices will go up in May.

    PWL Receives Smallwood Grant

    We would like to thank the Smallwood Foundation for awarding PWLMS this grant and we would like to thank our teachers, Jennifer Worthington and Julie Michel, for recognizing our need and writing the grant.  This has truly made a difference for teachers and students in our school.


    Free Lunch Daily for the        20-21 Schoolyear

    Free Meals

    School NEWS

    Mental Health Night

    Please take note of this amazing FREE opportunity that you can Zoom into from the comfort of your home. We are always learning new and important ways to help support the mental health of our teens, and this session will help with that!Mental Health Night


    Please read our attendance policy below.


    There are 2 ways to report your child's absence:

    1. Call the school at            775-265-6100

    2. Email Mrs. Walter at kwalter@dcsd.k12.nv. us

    Parents/guardians have three (3) days to report or excuse a tardy or an absence before it turns into  a truancy.   

    See our Attendance Policy

    Picking up a Student

    Please note when picking up a student from school:

    • YOU MUST be listed as a contact in Infinite Campus to pick up a student. 
    • We WILL NOT RELEASE a student to someone who is not listed as a contact in Infinite Campus.
    • You can change your contacts in Infinite Campus by either contacting the office or through your Infinite Campus parent portal.

    This is for the safety of your student

    ~ thank you

    Bell Schedules

    We have several different bell schedules: Regular Day, Early Out, 30 Minute Advisory, and 90 Minute Testing.  Viewing the calendar on this page you will be able to determine which bell day it is.

    You can view the schedules here: Bell Schedules