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Chromebook Resources

Chromebook Care and Usage Policy

Chromebook Damage Replacement Policy

Summer Chromebook Tips:

Here’s some important info you’ll need to know…

  • Be sure to store your Chromebook in a SAFE PLACE where it won’t get damaged.

  • You should CHARGE and POWER ON the Chromebook a couple of times over summer, if not used regularly. 

  • In August before school begins, CHARGE your Chromebook and SIGN IN to prepare for classes. If needed, UPDATE your Chromebook. 

  • Find tips for troubleshooting common Chromebook issues here: Chromebook Tips

Where do we return the device if we transfer out of district over the summer?

  • Return Chromebook to the PWL Main Office M-F 7:00am-3:30pm.  If the school office is not open, the Chromebook and Charger may be returned to the DCSD District Office at 1638 Mono Avenue, Minden, NV 89423  M-F 7:00am-3:30pm.

Are repairs available if the Chromebook is damaged over the summer?

  • Chromebook repairs and loaners are not available over summer. If a Chromebook is damaged, you may bring it to the school library when school resumes in August for repair.